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MLOCR Sorting

Postage Savers Printing & Direct Mail was the first presort bureau in Mississippi to provide automated barcoding and presorting services to its customers. Postage Savers continues to offer this on-line barcoding and presorting for first class mail such as invoices, statements, checks and everyday correspondence.

Enjoy First Class Postage Discounts

Your first class mail is combined with mail from hundreds of other customers to create large quantities within zip codes across the country. Commingling your mail thus enables you to benefit from immediate postage savings and improved mail service you could not achieve on your own.

Our Multi-Line Optical Character Reader Sorter processes letter size mail with the latest technologies available. If your organization generates large quantities of letter size mail, our MLOCR processing can offer you substantial savings on 1st Class United States Postal Services postal rates.

Examples of Indicia Formats For First-Class Mail and Standard Mail»