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Rapid Statement Service

Tired of printing those statements each week or at the end of each month, then buying and storing envelopes and paper? If you generate a print file, Rapid Statement Service can offer you our Rapid Statement Service. Check out this service!!!

With RAPID STATEMENT SERVICE from Rapid Statement Service, you can process your entire months billing in 5 minutes* or less.

If your organization generates regular mailings of invoices or account statements, you known how involved the process can be. First you have to order and store forms and envelopes. Next comes printing, folding and inserting into the envelopes.

RAPID STATEMENT SERVICE allows you to reduce your statement processing cost. You electronically transmit your customer billing information to Rapid Statement Service, where your statements are laser printed, folded, inserted and mailed within one business day.


Custom Forms to meet your requirements

  • High quality laser printed statements
  • Optional return envelopes for fast reply from your customers
  • Barcoded Automated postage to expedite your mail through the U.S. Postal Service's systems

We call it RAPID STATEMENT SERVICE because all your have to do is provide us with a print file of your statement information and we do the rest. You'll be able to process statements for less than you are spending now on supplies, labor and postage.